Mechanical at Emeg
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HVAC Design

Our main focal points of mechanical design are heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.  We can provide bespoke heating solutions to cater for the exact requirements of the client and end-users. This is typically coupled with a strategic ventilation system, resulting in a fully-automated scheme controlling heat and air distribution through the building.  On the other end of the scale, we offer solutions for the more user-orientated commercial facilities, i.e. office blocks, station buildings and depot management suites. Occupational comfort tends to be the primary focus for these developments, where our detailed assessments enable an appropriate design solution to be installed.

Mechanical Process Design

The other arm of mechanical design solutions offered focuses around the various processes of industrial facilities. Emeg can provide fuel storage and delivery systems as well as the more typical natural gas distribution that is commonplace in most modern facilities. Further to this, we have developed a number of bespoke compressed air generation and supply schemes, which are more frequently being adopted in the process industry for tooling and testing. The high specification of these systems means each design must be suitable to cope with both the high demands of the end-user and difficult characteristics of the medium itself.