Due to the stricter emissions control that have been implemented throughout Europe some diesel trains are now opting to use an emission reduction solution (ERS) that converts the harmful exhaust gases into nitrogen and water.

Adblue is the trade name for an ERS and is sometimes referred to as DEF. It is not classed as dangerous but the urea solution is very polluting to surface water and groundwater which may poison and kill wildlife.

Emeg provides a design, build and maintenance capability of automatic Adblue systems including offloading, storage, dispensing with all materials fully compliant with ISO 22241.


Adblue Systems

The Adblue system comprises of an offload point, a bunded stainless steel Adblue tank, EPCS valves, a pump kiosk and Adblue dispensers. Emeg designs and builds the inhouse bespoke Adblue dispensers which are either located to service specific points on the rolling stock or located to provide universal coverage for the servicing apron.

Contained within the purpose made stainless steel dispensers are the Adblue hose reels complete with Adblue train connector, emergency shut off valves and control panels with externally mounted stainless steel control fascia’s. Where required a cable reel complete with train compatible electrical connection plug is also included that connects to the trains level sensor and will automatically shut off the Adblue. Where the electrical connection is not required the Adblue control system will automatically shut off the Adblue when no flow is sensed.

Adblue Case Studies

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