Controlled Emission Toilets


Modern trains are now equipped with toilet retention tanks that can be safely and hygienically emptied each night when they return to the depot via a Controlled Emission Toilet (CET) system.

Emeg has developed a CET system over many years to provide equipment and controls that enable an automated CET procedure. The automated CET system is not only easy to use but also straightforward to operate and provides operators with a clean working environment.

With the CET hoses connected to the train the operators can simply press the cycle start buttons in any order and the system will perform the CET cycle including flushing at each unit in the same sequence that the buttons were pressed.

CET System


Emeg’s most frequently installed CET system is a fixed system that comprises of a CET plantroom, spilt tanking and flushing water tank and fixed CET units that are either located to service specific points on the rolling stock or located to provide universal coverage for the servicing apron.

The CET plantroom typically houses the CET double pumping skid, the main control panel, the pump control panel and the water booster sets.

Mobile systems and standalone systems are also available.

CET Case Studies

Blackpool Depot

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Blackburn Depot

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Fuelling Facility – Croft Street, Preston Depot

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