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Fuel Services

Emeg has the inhouse capability to design build and maintain complete fuel storage and dispensing systems. Each design takes in to consideration not only the Client requirements and Network Rail standards but also the environmental hazards the system presents as each system must comply with the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999.

Emeg’s fuel dispensers are designed to provide the option to the Client to either refuel a train by using a handgun, a flyte coupling or both. The fixed fuel dispensing units are either located to service specific points on the rolling stock or located to provide universal coverage for the servicing apron. The combination of universal coverage and a choice of fill method gives the client the ability to fuel all rolling stock.

Flow Meter


Dependant upon the Client but as a norm Emeg provides a flow meter calibrated to H&M Customs standards within each of Emeg’s bespoke stainless steel fuel dispensers. Emeg’s specially designed control system enables the depot to automatically store the fuelling data train by train as the refuelling process is carried out.

Fuel Case Studies

Fuelling Facility – Croft Street, Preston Depot

The Northern Hub programme was developed to increase capacity, line speed and connectivity throughout the North West of England. Croft Street Depot, Preston is one of the f our Network Rail owned depots to be upgraded and have fuelling system installed

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Leyland Carriage Sidings

Leyland Carriage sidings is one if the f our Network Rail owned depots to be upgraded in order to facilitate the maintenance and servicing of the additional rolling stock.

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